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Links for help on a day like today

If you are struggling today (or any day)…reach out for help. 

And also, this article is helpful:


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Weighted blanket – link

I have no investment and no connection to this kickstarter. I just happened upon it in my Twitter feed and was very interested. I’m considering buying one, and then decided it might be of interest to others here.


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Link – anxiety

Nothing new for most of us, but might be good to share with loved ones.

11 Things Others Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because of Your High Functioning Anxiety

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Kristen Bell talks about depression

Another worthwhile (though short) article about a celebrity who has dealt with depression. I appreciate her candor and agree with what she’s said. I just wish she had shared a little more about her personal journey.


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New GERD information

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (also called GERD) is the main reason that people start taking PPIs, or proton pump inhibitors, like Prilosec. This research indicates that PPIs and other acid reducing products are not exactly the right way to treat GERD. It’s not the stomach acid that hurts the esophagus, it’s a protein that causes inflammation. Obviously, the article explains this better than I do.

What upsets me is that despite this information, the researchers and doctors are saying that current medications are the way to go for GERD patients. That’s ridiculous, as we’ve all learned that it’s not too much stomach acid that causes problems, it’s TOO LITTLE stomach acid. So taking these PPIs to further reduce stomach acid is the WRONG THING TO DO.

When will doctors wake up and stop feeding the pharmaceutical industry at our expense? This is a money-making industry, not interested in our promoting our health but keeping us stagnant in our diseases and syndromes so they can continue to push drugs at us that make them money.

I don’t feel this way about all drugs, for sure. I know a lot of medicines help a lot of people. But with regards to PPIs and other antacid medications, I believe it’s about the money, not the cure.


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Will Wheaton reboots himself (link)

I like Will Wheaton a lot, but not for his acting or anything that really has to do with the entertainment industry. I like him because he talks about his life and his struggles (and accomplishments) with depression and anxiety. He’s open and honest and he tries to share what has worked and what hasn’t worked for him. I found this post very interesting and I wanted to share.

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A stand for self-love — link

I wanted to cry at how beautiful this was. I picked out a couple of things, but definitely read the whole blog post.

The dad who stood in front of me with his two young sons and knelt down to tell them to “this is what a beautiful woman looks like.”


And the twentysomething man who stood behind me and whispered, The effects of what you are doing here are far reaching. It’s absolutely amazing. The power of this moment will go on and in ways you never thought possible. You are changing more lives than you know.

(in case you think men don’t “get” these things…you can also see in the video that many men and boys stopped to draw a heart, too!)

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Robin Williams’s daughter posts lovely note – link

This was a lovely sentiment. I suspect her father would be incredibly proud of her.

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DONE! (link)

I don’t do links very often, but I liked this one a lot. It spoke to me.

Smaller chunks. Smaller chunks. Smaller chunks.

Aaaand DONE!


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Charity fund raising

So for the last four months or so, Hub and I have been raising money for our local children’s hospital through a program called Extra Life. It’s a group that is primarily made up of gamers (computer, console, tabletop, etc) who come together every year for the last five years (this is year six) to raise money for children’s hospitals in memory of Victoria Enmom. This is the fourth year we’ve participated (we host the 24 hour marathon for our team here at our house) and the first year I’m raising money for the team. Usually I just cook and clean and facilitate, but because of all the crocheting I’ve been doing with my mother, I’ve used that as a way to raise money for our team.

From Extra Life’s website:

Extra Life began in 2008 as a way of honoring a young lady named Victoria Enmon. Tori’s battle against acute lymphoblastic leukemia inspired the Sarcastic Gamer Community in a way that is difficult to describe. Members sent in video games and bought gifts to keep Tori’s spirits up despite numerous hospital stays and three bouts with the deadly disease.

Tragically, we lost Tori to cancer in January 2008. Later that year, I asked my partners at Sarcastic Gamer if they would be interested in Extra Life, a 24-hour video game marathon to raise money for the hospital that treated and fought beside Tori. In 2008 and 2009 Extra Life raised a combined $302,000, 100 percent of which went directly to help kids like Tori at my local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital (Texas Children’s Hospital).

While thousands of gamers, more than 100 websites and more than 12,000 donors were happy to support Extra Life, many expressed their desire to raise money to help kids closer to home. In what I can only consider destiny, in 2009 I left behind my radio career and went to work full-time for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals as a Radiothon Director. This life-changing event gave me unique insight into an incredible non-profit organization that helps kids all over the United States and Canada.

I quickly realized that Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals would be the perfect solution to expand Extra Life into more communities.

This year, when you sign up to play games for 24 hours this year, you won’t just be raising money for kids. You’ll be supporting LOCAL kids and their families. Kids right in your own backyard.

All the money you raise for Extra Life 2014 will go directly to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital of your choice.

Do you want to have more fun than you can handle while helping some of the bravest (and smallest) warriors in your community? All you have to do is:

Register and create your personal fundraising page.
Try to get four friends or family members to sponsor you at $1 per hour ($24 each).
Sit on your rear end and play all types of games for 24 hours. We will be putting in our game play on Saturday, October 25th, beginning at 8 a.m.

Do you want to join in? Go to and sign up to join us for this amazing event. You can pick your local Children’s Miracle Network hospital (or one that is meaningful to you) so that you can support the local kids and families. You can play ANY kind of games… video, board games, sports games… and you can stretch out your “marathon” over several days or weekends if you need to. You can find more information on the FAQs page.

If you don’t want to sign up or can’t sign up this year, I’d love to have you consider donating to our team. Please contact me and I’ll send you a link to the donation form. It’s tax deductible, easy, and safe to donate. All the money you give goes directly to the hospitals…everyone in Extra Life is a volunteer.

THANK YOU for considering joining our amazing mission to help kids!

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