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Sad sad news – Robin Williams RIP

I am such a fan of his, but even more I’m sad for his family and for his struggle. Depression can take down the largest of men. Please seek help and ask for other people to help you if you need it.

Robin Williams tried over and over again until apparently he couldn’t try anymore. I wish he had tried one more time, as the world is a little less funny without him and his contributions.

But for those of us struggling, take away from this that we need to continue to fight for ourselves and our lives. Fight on and on and on, and when you’re tired, ask someone to pick you up and fight with you.

I have no idea really what I’m saying. I’m just deeply saddened by the loss of this extraordinary man’s life.

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For anyone hurting

Another link I want to share. Please pass it forward.

Please be sure to watch the video. It is worth it.

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