On dogs and doctors and days (long)

18 Jan

It’s been a busy month. Today is the 18th, just FYI.

I got my eyes checked–for the first time in at least six years–only to find that my prescription has barely changed. In fact, the doctor wanted to roll back my prescription a smidge but I declined. I just picked up my new glasses about an hour ago and when I put them on, I felt weird. I think we ended up a tiny bit stronger, but the technician said it could also be the upgraded coating on the lenses that made me feel funky. I’ll have to ease into the new glasses, which is fine because I still have an old pair to use in the meantime. The new glasses have half-frames, so they should be lighter on my face. The second pair of “new” glasses I got are actually one of my old frames with new lenses. I would say it was cheaper to do it that way, but honestly by the time I picked the first set of new frames, I was so freaking tired of looking at frames that I just told her to put new lenses in my old frames. They were in fine condition and they were going to be my back-up pair anyway. Everyone I worked with at the optometrist kept repeating that I had single vision lenses (instead of bi-focals) and they all sounded surprised. Kind of annoying, but honestly the major reason I didn’t go back to get my eyes checked in the last six years is because at 39 years old, the optometrist told me at 40 I’d be needing bi-focals (because that’s “the age”) and I didn’t want bi-focals so I didn’t go back. And here I am, six years later, still no bi-focals. So poo on all of you. Meanwhile, I also hate getting my eyes dilated, but this optometrist had some new-fangled technology that let them take pictures of my eyes and I was able to put off dilation again.

Monday we took Le Moo for her annual “senior” check-up at the vet. We took Butthead, too, because we’d noticed her front two bottom teeth were disappearing. The vet assured me that it wasn’t likely to be the case when we talked in email, but we brought her anyway to make sure. Le Moo is healthy and has lost about 10% of her weight. She went from 94 pounds to 86 pounds, which we are doing on purpose because as she ages she seems to be more prone to limping after running or playing. She’s a big girl and we’ve always had trouble getting her to lose weight, so we gave up and she pretty much maintained a steady weight for all the years we had her. Then we saw the limping issue and we started getting really strict and we’ve noticed it paying off. We’ll keep up with it and try to keep her from injury. The vet looked at Butthead’s teeth and said they aren’t disappearing, the gum is growing up over them. Nothing to do unless it bothers her and so far she hasn’t complained. Unfortunately, the vet is 90 minutes away, so it kind of takes up several hours just going, doing the appointment, and coming home. So Hub’s MLK day off was pretty well used it by that. I’m glad Le Moo is doing well…she’s somewhere around eight years old, which is getting up there in big dog years. And ya’ll know I worry. We’re going to have to get her back to the vet to get her teeth cleaned (she’s got bad teeth, yo), so we’ll be making that trip again in the next month or so. Yay.

So Tuesday was my six month check-up with the gyn onc surgeon. Because of Hub’s status with his company (they got bought out and are in transition), I didn’t want him to have to take a day off to accompany me to an appointment that would likely last less than 15 minutes. So I sent him on his way to work and girded myself for the hour ride to the onc’s office. Under normal circumstances, I would have been nervous but okay to make the trip on my own. I made the appointment for after rush hour and I plotted my route to go on the mostly un-used toll road to avoid further traffic. But…it rained. I knew it was predicted to be “light showers” so I told Hub I’d be fine on my own. When I got on the road it was lightly showering. Ten minutes in, before I even reached the toll road, it was pouring. And I was sweating bullets, hands clutched on the steering wheel, talking myself into being OK. I don’t like driving in the rain and I hate driving on wet roads. I have been in a full 360 degree skid behind the wheel before and it’s not fun, so I try to avoid driving in weather. In addition, the toll road is 60mph, and the highway that I was supposed to be getting on at the other end is 60mph, with lots of traffic. So when I rolled onto the toll road, I basically planted myself three or four car lengths behind a dump truck and kept speed as comfortably as I could. Halfway along the toll road, the dump truck changed lanes and sped off. WTF. But I stayed steady and with the few cars on the road flying around me, I made it along the toll road. At the other end, I decided to exit early onto a main road that cuts through the city that I knew would have lots of traffic lights and lots of cars, but also slower moving. And I splashed my way along for half an hour until I got to my destination. It was a good thing I left early, and I made it with ten minutes to spare at the doctor’s office. The doctor was “only” 45 minutes late (we’ve actually waited for 2 hours for prior appointments!), he spent less than 10 minutes with me…several of those minutes were taken up when I told him my mother had passed and we talked about that. He said everything looked good for me and without any concerning symptoms he had no reason to run any tests. In July I’ll repeat a CT scan as part of my follow-up at my two year mark.

Luckily for the trip home it had stopped raining but the roads were all wet. Even so, I made my way along the major highway back to the toll road, and then meandered along the toll road toward my exit. Unfortunately again, the exit ramp I have to take from the toll road to the highway home is a HUGE flyover, which I don’t even like to drive on DRY pavement. Instead I took the exit for the opposite direction which is a normal exit and I turned around at the first traffic light. And I headed home on more regularly traveled roads, which meant I was more comfortable even though the streets were still wet.

In March I will go for my mammogram. It’s still hard for me to go to these appointments and to know when I get home that I don’t have my mother to talk to about what happened. I thought it would get easier, but so far it hasn’t.

Tomorrow I go for a “consultation” to get my hair did. The salon I selected (different from the one I used last year…partly because the stylist never answered my queries and now because I find out this new salon has more “organic” hair dye) wants me to come in to meet the stylist and to let the stylist see my hair and confirm what I want done. If all is well, I go in early on Saturday to get all the colors. ALL THE COLORS. When I was younger I used to box dye my hair all the time, mostly variations on reds because I didn’t like my plain brown hair. At some point I became too ill physically to dye my hair so I stopped. Then I did it a few more times when I was feeling better, but it was a pain in the ass and everything got all stained (including ME) and I didn’t really love the results, so I stopped again. One year I went and got my hair all chopped off and then I had the salon dye my hair but… well, I wasn’t really keen on how it looked and it seemed like the color washed out pretty quickly and I didn’t want to waste my money.

Only last year did I decide to get something done again and I wanted it to be a little funky to make my mother smile. I got a combo of auburn and violet done, but Mom never noticed and the final look wasn’t as pronounced as I had hoped. Over the past year I haven’t bothered to do anything except let my hair grow out. But after my breast MRI and my colonoscopy and my eye exam, and now my onc follow-up, I knew I wanted to do something fun to celebrate the positive news I’ve been getting. I’ve been stalking Instagram (which I don’t use) for different pictures of what I wanted and I am vacillating between something oil-slick color looking and something more jewel-toned, but there’s definitely gonna be blues and purples and maybe some teal and pink. We’ll see what the stylist says tomorrow. If I can get a picture of before and after, I’ll come back and post them.

I’ve also gone past my birthday. My father asked me three or four times if I wanted to go out to dinner for my birthday (he called around lunchtime) but I kept saying no. I felt bad because I know he likes to go out to dinner and I am sure he felt it was what he could do for me, but I didn’t want to go out. I stood my ground and I thanked him, but said I wanted to chill at home. Hub acquiesced and didn’t do anything special for dinner, but we were together so that was fine. The weather outside was crappy and icy so I was just as happy to stay inside and just BE. My aunt–who doesn’t do so good with the whole grief support thing–called and kept me on the phone for 45 minutes talking about stuff. Two of my three brothers emailed me to wish me happy birthday, and my very old dear friend did the same. But no call from my mom, which was the hardest part. Just knowing the whole day that she wouldn’t be calling and we wouldn’t be talking. It sucked. And now it’s over for another year.

Friday I will literally be in therapy while the inauguration is going on. Like I had planned it that way. The rest of the day I will be avoiding all manner of television and radio and social media. Bleh.

I am still in a pretty good amount of physical pain. The nausea is still around but it feels like less often, so that’s good. Sleep is still sucky. The imbalance is so-so. My jaw pain is still bad, though. Headaches are not quite as bad. I broke down and saw my massage therapist last week so she could work on the TMJ pain, which worked pretty well for about a day. Next week I go back to her for my regular body-work session. One day I’m going to schedule a woo-woo relaxing massage with her because she’s damn good at it (I had one shortly after my mother died as a gift to myself) and I really want it. I wish my insurance covered that shit because it is physically helpfully to me just like physical therapy was, but it’s not covered. And it’s pretty expensive for an appointment…not that I think it’s overpriced. My massage therapist is a boss and hella good at her job…and she works fucking hard to help me. I can’t even imagine how hard it is on HER body to do the work she does! I have no idea if she’s in line with other massage therapists, but I know she earns every damn dollar during our appointments.

I just realized how long this was. I’m gonna end it now. I should have broken this up into separate posts, but in my head it all felt related. Thanks for sticking with me.


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5 responses to “On dogs and doctors and days (long)

  1. joey

    January 18, 2017 at 8:07 pm

    Well, that was long, but then, how long since you last posted?!? I never understand why people get bent about reading a long blog here and there. It’s blogging, you read, you write. Pfft.
    Anyway, I should work harder on getting Sadie down to 25lbs. She’s consistently 37 and the vet says that may be a more natural weight for her, but he thinks she’ll live longer at 25. She’s a dog. You know how they are. I will say, I started buying her some organic biscuit thing, Newman’s I think? instead of her Milk Bone and I know she’s thinner.
    I can’t wait to see your hair! I think that sounds so fun — and I envy your moxie at being comfortable making such big changes. You totally deserve some pampering and celebratory color!
    I hear you on the rain. I am big on taking longer, alternate routes that offer me scenery and a slower pace whenever possible, but when it pours, it almost doesn’t matter! I found out one secondary way home from work is dreadful in the rain — It floods!
    Happy belated 🙂 Maybe you should offer to take your dad out on some random night when you feel like it. It sounds like HE needed it.
    I’ll be wearing black on Friday. Avoiding the tv.
    I cannot tell you how much I miss my massage therapist from Georgia. So much, just so, so much. Foot reflexology, OMG I miss her! It was so convenient, then, bout a mile from home.

    • meANXIETYme

      January 18, 2017 at 9:26 pm

      I try not to do long posts even though I have no problem reading other people’s long posts. It’s been like 2 weeks since the last post I think. I guess I had a bunch to say…
      It’s so hard to get Le Moo to lose weight. In the end, we cut back on her food a little at a time…and then we started breaking up even the smallest treats we have and giving her half of those. So even when we felt like giving her TWO treats, it was still one small treat. It’s hard when there’s two dogs because even if one gets a treat for something, they both end up getting a treat. LOL Breaking the treats made a big difference, I think.
      At some point I finally came to realize that hair is just hair. I mean, as a kid, I refused to let my mother cut my hair (after one time when she let someone cut it all off and I looked like a boy!) so it got looooooooong. Then I got attached and I couldn’t stand to get it cut at all. Then I whacked off 26 (or 24?) inches and I realized enh, it’s hair. So now I’m okay with trying hair color every now and then. I don’t know that I’d do a weird hair style, but color doesn’t bother me as long as it doesn’t ruin my hair. Besides, if it looks shitty, I’ll just crochet myself a hat. LOL
      There were a couple of times yesterday where I wanted to pull off the side of the road and cry, but I was too scared that someone might hit me. So in the end it was less stressful to just keep going, even if I was doing under the speed limit and people thought I was stupid. I mean really, when will I ever see any of those drivers again anyway?! And fortunately I didn’t come across any flooded areas. I can’t even imagine…
      We do randomly go out to dinner with my father. It’s one of those things he seems to be okay with doing (and kind of enjoys), so it’s not like we don’t go out. But since we pretty much always go out for birthdays at this point (since Mom is gone), I guess he felt bad that he didn’t take us out. But a) I didn’t want to celebrate and b) I don’t actually like to eat out that much anyway. I’d rather eat Hub’s cooking than restaurant food!
      I’m pretty afraid that my massage therapist is going to stop working since she had her baby. I know it’s hit or miss as to whether it’s worth working versus childcare for her, but so far she is staying in business. If she stops, I might have to camp outside her house and cry and hope she changes her mind! LOL
      Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting. Hope things are good with you!

      • joey

        January 18, 2017 at 9:38 pm

        You should totally exchange numbers so you can call if she quits. Picking up a gig here and there is often advantageous to mommies!
        I nod to breaking the treats in half.

      • meANXIETYme

        January 18, 2017 at 10:12 pm

        I totally would trade phone #s with her. Also, I have her email address.


      • joey

        January 18, 2017 at 10:15 pm



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