Probably TMI for most

24 Jun

Well, I won’t go into all kinds of details, but still, you’re forewarned.

I was talking about some anxiety in my last post. Here’s what is going on. I’ve been doing hypnotherapy during a few of my regular therapy sessions with T in order to work on my cardiophobia. We’ve actually been working both with CBT and hypnotherapy for my fear of exercise. Part of my fear is because of my heart, but part of my fear is also putting myself in more pain than my daily dose…on purpose. I’m in pain pretty much most days, but exercising means I’ll be suffering more pain because of strained muscles and such.

So part of my therapy is to exercise. Shocking, I know. We have both a treadmill and a recumbent bike in our house (the treadmill is like…oh, 15 years old, but it still works!), so I have options on what I can do for exercise with machines. The bike is newer than the treadmill and it has those little dohickies on the handles that measure heart rate, which is a no-no for me. Just watching the heart rate go up is an anxiety trigger. So many people say exercise helps their anxiety, but it’s actually a major trigger for me. I started riding the bike (I figured it was lower impact on my arthritic knees than the treadmill) every night, with the intention that I was riding it to work on my fears, not on my weight loss. It gave me permission to see the exercise as something different…not to be perfect at it, not to think that if I only ride it a few minutes every night that it was a failure because a few minutes is a waste in the weight loss world. No, it’s part of my therapy, part of my recovery, and even sitting on the damn machine is an accomplishment.

I started slow with the bike, literally and figuratively. And I met my first goal of riding the bike three days in a week…and then I just kept going. I’ve been able to increase by one minute since I started. I’ve learned not to put my hands on the heart rate dohickies…and if it is too tempting, I’m going to put socks over the handles to make them not work. I listen to a little music, I play a game or two on the iPad if I have it. I go in, I get on, I ride, I leave, I recognize the accomplishment of what I’ve done. I went ten days. Some of the days I could have talked myself out of it (the a/c upstairs died again…my knee hurt, I had another owie which I’ll explain shortly) but I didn’t talk myself out of it. My mental recovery seems to be so much easier for me to work on than my physical. I haven’t really ruminated on that very much, but I suspect that is coming in therapy soon.

Monday night I went to shower and I realize there is a redness under my right boob. I’m endowed and…droopy. I’ve been that way all of my adult life, I’ve never gotten a heat rash or sweat rash under my boobs before (I am wondering if this is because of the surgical menopause and hormone issues). I don’t sweat like normal people. My first thought was oh shit it’s breast cancer because it was only under one boob and I know that there are some breast cancers that present that way. I managed to convince myself it wasn’t cancer even before the redness showed up under my other boob. At that point I was pretty well sure it was a heat rash (or sweat rash) from riding on the bike. So now I’ve got knee pain, foot pain (stupid plantar faciitis) and underboobs rashes. *sigh* I go buy these things that go under the boobies that is supposed to help wick away sweat. The are uncomfortable and weird and they move around. Joy. I also buy some tea tree oil and a powder for rashes and fungus, in case it’s a yeast fungus under there. The under-boobie wicky thing seems to help but not make it go away altogether yet.

Wednesday night I’m on the bike again (I’ve even been able to ride when I’m home alone, which is a big deal for me because if I have a heart attack on the bike…and I’m alone… shudder) and I’m like what is that pain? It’s in the crease of my left leg where it meets my groin. And I’m thinking it’s another damn heat rash. Great. I put some gauze in the crease and try to deal with it for overnight. Next day, I put another clean bit of gauze there to keep the area from rubbing and getting worse and I go about my day. I get on the bike again last night and I’m like … unh, that hurts. I finish my predetermined ride and go shower and suddenly I’m realizing it’s not the heat rash in the crease of my leg that was hurting. I have a cyst…my guess is an infected cyst (I get sebaceous cysts under my arms sometimes, but not for a while) or it could be an ingrown hair. It’s, uh, down there. Ya’ll ladies know what I mean. It’s in an unfortunate place, making sitting, standing, walking, lying down all very very uncomfortable. Dammit.

I tell Hub about the issue (he looks somewhat horrified), I go to sleep and wake up this morning first thing to call my doctor’s office. I don’t want to mess around with this area, so I beg them to fit me in today. They do and I go see one of the other doctor’s in the practice. She says “abscess” but won’t otherwise identify if it’s from a cyst or an ingrown hair. She doesn’t want to do anything with it but suggests I see my gyno to see if they want to drain it or what. I tell her my gyno is an hour away and not likely to be able to fit me in today, so she suggests I see the gyno in their extended practice and she goes to make an appointment for me. When she comes back, she tells me I’ll be seeing the nurse practitioner that afternoon, and oh by the way here is a prescription for bactrum (antibiotics). Oh how I love pills. And ABs are my favorite.

I go back later to see the NP, who tells me she can’t drain cysts and all the doctors are booked. But she graciously offers to do a lookie loo to see if the cyst actually needs to be drained. She measures it and says it doesn’t look too big, but writes down the info for future reference in case I come back with an issue next week. “Good news!” she chirps. “I wouldn’t drain this. It’ll drain on its own. Take your ABs and use warm compresses and a sitz bath as often as you can manage.” We talk about timing for when the pain will abate and what to expect from the “draining” and I go home.

The first time I saw the cyst last night, it was white. By the time I got home and everyone was done poking at it, it was a purple-red. Yay. (I told you, TMI.) Upon getting my ABs, I come home and go look up my blog post from when I had to take these particular ABs, and I apparently have nausea, bad taste in my mouth, and dry mouth (editing to add, and dry/itchy eyes near to the end of the course of ABs) to look forward to for ten days at least. Two pills a day over ten days. The NP told me to be happy, the other option is something like 4 pills a day over 20 days or something ridiculous. But at least I have experience with this AB, so maybe I’ll be okay with taking it more easily. (Prolly not, but one can hope.)

This is what I get for exercising? One time I went to vacuum my bedroom…I plugged in the vacuum and 10 seconds later the circuit blew. I reset it, plugged the vacuum into a different outlet across the large room and 10 seconds later another circuit blew. I reset it, used a plug in the upstairs hallway and THAT one blew. I decided at that moment that G-d did not want me to vacuum. I wrapped up the cord and put the vacuum away. So, is this what I’m getting about exercising? Multiple messages saying “don’t do it!” Well, another conversation for therapy, I guess.

Also, ow ow ow ow. 😦


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5 responses to “Probably TMI for most

  1. joey

    June 24, 2016 at 8:53 pm

    Ooh girl, I dunno. I wouldn’t say it’s the exercise, but it could be the sweat. I have experienced many, many ingrown hairs and while the salon people will give it a go for small ones, I’ve had to ask my mother, friends, and The Mister with big ones. I have a cyclist friend who got them chronically, and her MD told her to wash her nethers with an antibacterial soap, and she does, and this is not a problem anymore. There has to be something to this, because the only time I was free from that particular problem was in those summers we practically lived at the pool. I cannot believe your dr wouldn’t take care of it. I literally cannot even!
    It’s been a long time since I had one, which I attribute to age and slowed-growth. Haha.
    Try letting the sweat dry, showering, air-drying, powdering and then dressing, if nothing else, it should help with the yeast. It is actually considered normal for your chest to flush because of exercise. Is it like that? Like lingering redness and heat under the skin? If you’re fair, it’s MUCH more noticeable. I might would powder the underboob before exercising, even.

    • meANXIETYme

      June 24, 2016 at 10:22 pm

      You totally crack me up, Joey. LOL
      The thing is, as an adult, I don’t really “sweat” the way most people do unless it’s ULTRA humid and I’m outside working in the garden. So I was surprised to see that it might be underboob sweat. And it isn’t a flush because it lasts longer than the exercise, as in the next day, too. I assume it’s a friction thing, maybe in conjunction with the skin to skin sweat. I used the underboobie wicky lining thing last night and it seemed okay, but I didn’t ride tonight because OW.
      I have had cysts elsewhere (armpit area usually) and I’ve been through the gamut of incising and draining and packing and doing nothing and hot packs and etc etc…just not DOWN THERE. But I’m gonna try to find an antibacterial soap that’s gentle and give that a go. I don’t wanna do this again for sure. Yeesh. Even though Hub has had cysts on his inner thigh up in the crease (poor guy) so he has some experience, I don’t wanna mess with infection so I won’t let him touch it. I used a hot compress and I think that helped drain it a little. I’ll keep up with that and my ABs. (yay)
      I try to make sure I’m good and dry after showering before getting dressed because I hate the feeling of my clothes sticking to my wet skin. But I do have the powder that was highly recommended for underboobage sweat. I’ll do that when I get healed and back on the bike.
      Thanks for the advice AND the laughs. 🙂

      • joey

        June 24, 2016 at 10:43 pm

        You’re lucky. I sweat like a whore in church. Ugh.
        I kinda figured you weren’t a shower and dress sorta person, cause I’m not either, but you know, just to be sure…
        I hope the ABs knock it out.
        I’m glad I gave you a LOL 🙂

      • meANXIETYme

        June 24, 2016 at 11:13 pm

        I used to sweat like that when I was young. About the time I hit my late 20s it changed. No clue why…
        So I feel for you. I know it sucks to be dripping sweat from errywhere.

      • joey

        June 24, 2016 at 11:23 pm

        Life is hard yo. Summer suuuuuucks. lol

        But there is fruit, soooo…


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