Doggy water ballet – video

21 Sep

We went back for Butthead’s water therapy (session #2) this past week. I read up a little about taking pictures through a window and successfully (yeah!) took a bunch of pictures and like five or six short videos.

This video was the best one because you could see Butthead’s face. In some of the other videos she was either turned away most of the time, or her face was hidden behind the dog bowl sitting on the lip of the pool. Butthead tried to jump out of the pool once, but otherwise doggedly (hahahaha) walked on the treadmill.

You can see she’s kind of tired, but that’s because she’s at the end of her walking, and this was an increase in time from the first session.

More good news, they were really happy with her progress again. I thought it looked like she was limping a little on the treadmill, but they didn’t mention it. She wasn’t limping when we took her home, although she did sack out for the rest of the day and seemed tired the following day. Now she’s back to her regular self, wanting to run and play even though we’re not allowing it. I cannot WAIT to get back to the vet to see her xrays at eight weeks to see if we can finally stop walking her on a leash every time we take her out. And when we’ll be able to let her run around a little bit, as I know she misses it. Even Le Moo has been trying to get Butthead to play every now and then, and we have to keep stopping them. Which sucks, because Le Moo doesn’t play very much and when she wants to do it, we try to encourage it. SOON MY PRETTIES! LOL

We go back again for another appointment this coming week, which will make three sessions. The following week we have a bunch of appointments, plus Butthead’s appointment with the vet, so I’m not sure we’ll be able to fit in a session next week. Which is probably just as well, because I’d like to find out how Butthead is healing before making another water therapy session. They aren’t inexpensive, but if it’s helping, we don’t mind putting the money into it for another session or two. We’ll have to see.

I really wish they’d let Butthead off the treadmill and into the “open water” area of the pool to see if she’d know how to swim or not. And if she LIKED it. Not that we have too many places to take her to swim, but it would be neat to know.

Also, on a slightly different note, our refrigerator is broken. STILL. We’ve had one repair guy out from a local place, and then we’ve had the manufacturer repairman out SIX TIMES since it broke. You read that right, SIX TIMES. And he’s due back again this week. He keeps trying to fix things and says it’s working, but it’s not. This last time we called again because it wasn’t cooling right as per our thermometer inside the fridge. So the guy comes out and runs his tests and uses HIS thermometer and tries to educate us on how refrigerators work (thanks, dude) and that our fridge is FINE and we should start putting food in it. So we put some food in it after he leaves at 2ish in the afternoon. By 6pm we notice the fridge thermometer is up to 50 degrees when it should be between 33 and 39 degrees (as per said repair-dude). By 10:30 in the evening, Hub is having to clean up water in front of and under the fridge because the ice in the icemaker in the door has melted and dripped out the ice opening. The thermometer was reading 61 degrees. So we call repair-dude again who said “I dunno” and says he’ll set up an appointment to come back again this week. What. The. Ever. Loving. Fuck. This will be visit number 7 from said repair-dude. *sigh*

And the flying experience is coming up upon me. I am oddly not even thinking about it so much. I’m more concerned about having to get in and out of the airports, and how to pack my dress without it getting all wrinkled. So I guess that’s good!

Hope you enjoyed Butthead’s video. She’s a STAH…


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8 responses to “Doggy water ballet – video

  1. joey

    September 21, 2015 at 3:02 pm

    Love her heart! I love the video even more than the photos! She is darling. Yes, I can tell she’s tired, but still, whatta trooper!

    About your fridge, be careful not to keep trying to repair it right through your warranty. If your warranty ends any time soon, you need to make a fuss and get a replacement. I will likely die a small death when our 900 year old side-by-side dies. I hate it and very much want a new one, but I need it to last until I get some other, more important stuff done. I feel like Fridge and I have an understanding in this matter. lol

    • meANXIETYme

      September 21, 2015 at 3:05 pm

      Yeah, the videos are so much cuter than the pictures because you can literally see her stomping along like any of the rest of us would look when we’re walking on a treadmill! LOL We went again today but I haven’t looked at the videos yet. I might be able to post another one soon.

      As fer da fridge, we got an extended warranty when we bought the fridge because we KNEW (from experience) that these newer fridges are horrible. It’s all electronics and stuff. So our warranty is through 2017 I think. And we’ve already had the talk about getting it replaced, but he says we have to try to replace pretty much ALL the innards before the manufacturer will replace the damn thing.
      We have a non-electronics-just-basic-fridge in our pantry and it’s been chugging along just fine! But it’s really too small to be our main fridge (and too ugly). 🙂

      • joey

        September 21, 2015 at 3:08 pm

        Yeah. Basic and attractive seldom go hand in hand. I’d wanted one of those adorable retro-designed ones, until I saw the inside, which is WAY TOO SMALL for a cook, let alone for a family!
        I just do not know what I’ll choose when Fridge gives up. Can you see me trollin repair places, “Got anything from 1980?” LOL

      • meANXIETYme

        September 21, 2015 at 3:12 pm

        These days, probably not that unusual to see people trolling for older equipment. That stuff was built like tanks. You might have to do craigslist…and buy a lot of bleach!

  2. April

    September 22, 2015 at 7:06 am

    Good to see Butthead recovering. I wish my vet had recommended water therapy…if they have one in our area. We did gradual exercises with her. Her favorite was going down the street going up the curb….then down, over and over. Now that she’s older, I wonder if it has caused arthritis to set in. She moves so slow these days.

    • meANXIETYme

      September 22, 2015 at 9:26 am

      We were REALLY lucky to have a rehab facility only twenty minutes away. I had no idea it was there until I went looking. I don’t think they’re very common.
      We, too, have passive exercises to do with Butthead, along with walking uphill, going up and down the stairs (all starting at 4 weeks post-op).
      In truth, our vet told us that all dogs end up with arthritis as they age, just like people do. It all depends on how far advanced the arthritis gets and how the pet handles the pain…just like people.
      Have you heard of Daisiquin Advanced? It’s something you have to get from your vet, but it totally helps with arthritis. It’s made a difference with our older dog and my vet says it has been very successful for many of his arthritic patients. We give it to both our dogs at this point, since we now know they both have arthritis and like your dog, are larger breeds.

      • April

        September 23, 2015 at 4:18 pm

        Yes, our dog is on the same thing along with a couple of pain relievers. She may be slow but she still gets up and down the stairs.

      • meANXIETYme

        September 23, 2015 at 9:34 pm

        I am not looking forward to those years. Not for my dogs or for me! LOL


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