Um, ow.

25 Mar

Okay, so I made it through all the medications and such. And I got to the gyno office, where I waited. And waited. And got moved to another waiting room to wait. And went into an exam room to get vitals, then back to the waiting. Then FINALLY into the procedure room, where I got to wait some more.

But the nurse was nice, and after being told what would happen, I told HER what might happen. About my anxiety and my potential for panic attack and/or bursting into tears. AND that my leg muscles aren’t great, so as such…the candy cane stirrups. I didn’t realize the actual position it would put me in, and that hurt my hips A LOT.

Also, apparently warm speculums are not a happy thing for me. That actually hurt like a burn.

I’m really tired and sore and achy. I am going to shower and get into bed. I’m moderately hopeful I’ll be okay tomorrow, because my mother goes for a 2nd opinion and I want to go with her.

More in another post when I’m feeling better. But I wanted people to know that I made it through, no panic attack. Moderate pain during the procedure, but it could have been worse. Thanks to those were thinking of me.


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2 responses to “Um, ow.

  1. joeyfullystated

    March 25, 2015 at 2:31 pm

    So glad it’s over.


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