Poppin’ pills

04 Feb

I don’t mean to be glib, please don’t take it that way. I just couldn’t think of another title for this post.

I have to take some pills. I’m extremely sensitive to pills. I hate taking pills. I take next to nothing at this point in my life because of my sensitivities. I take almost nothing OTC and nothing prescribed (no one has requested me to take rx meds these days for anything medical). I’ve taken anti-biotics when necessary, and I only take the z-pack because I know the repercussions of that…and even then I make Hub sit (and stay for about an hour) with me when I take the first pill. Taking medication gives me very high anxiety. I still have no idea how I forced myself into taking the digestive enzymes and probiotic pills I take daily.

So as per a previous post, I’ve been to a new gynecologist. She requested blood work–which I gave on Monday afternoon and the results were back already on Tuesday morning, WTF?–and all came back normal. I’m waiting on the good ole pap smear, but what the CRNP really wants is for me to get an ultrasound (outy and inny, for those of you in the know) to check my lady innards. I know she’s going to find fibroids, that isn’t new. But the other thing she wants to check on is the lining of my uterus. Previous tests have shown that to be “thick” — which shouldn’t be terribly surprising, considering my crazy cycle. This is the first time, though, that the doctor (or CRNP) has wanted to force a cycle before putting me through the tests. In fact, two of the previous times I’ve had the test, the doctor has pulled me directly from the exam appointment and right into the ultrasound test. So anyway, the issue that remains is that I gotta take progesterone to force a period. I’ve taken P before–over 20 years ago?? Maybe-ish…and I actually don’t recall it working. I don’t recall much about it, actually. That was back before I really struggled so much with anxiety. Now, I struggle with anxiety, and I struggle a ton with health anxiety. And I am entirely paranoid about pills. I have to be on these pills for 10 days. Generally, once I get over the first day (or two), I’m okay. That first day is a kicker.

I’m trying not to think about it between now and when I start taking them (probably Thursday evening). We were waiting a little bit to see if I started a cycle on my own, based on my exam (sorry, TMI) and some physical symptoms I’ve been having. But so far, no luck. And at this point, I’m pretty sure I’ll be needing the pills. Prior years, I suspect I would have just ignored the pills and not followed up with the doctor. Now, after my mother’s issues…I’m going to push myself to deal with the pills. I wish I had an appointment with T this week, but no such luck. I’ll have to work through this with the knowledge I have.

Anyone do progesterone pills? Want to give me any words of wisdom? I had asked the CRNP, and all she said was it’ll make me grumpy. WTF, that’s not what I was trying to find out. I got the prescription and all the fantastic paperwork that comes with it…and I skimmed it, but I’m afraid to read it. Anyone?


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4 responses to “Poppin’ pills

  1. joeyfullystated

    February 4, 2015 at 5:04 pm

    Well I don’t like any of the things you don’t like,although I’m about to start a proibiotic regime, because antibiotics are the m-f-ing devil.
    I hate new meds. Meds are not my friend. Even the ones that make me feel better (Tylenol, Ativan, Tums) bother me.
    I hate the gynoeverything. You totally have my sympathy. But you know if they can’t get you to start, you could end up with a D&C and girl…you don’t want that.

    • meANXIETYme

      February 4, 2015 at 5:48 pm

      I hate ABs. I take probiotics all the time because my tummy thinks I’m the enemy. *sigh* Same reason I’m on the digestive enzymes (I tried to switch brands and had an issue, so I’m stuck with this brand that I have to buy from the dietitian because it’s only available from “practitioners” …)
      I don’t take anything else. No Advil, no Tylenol, no Tums. On the odd occasion that it’s absolutely necessary, I might take Milk of Magnesia. I don’t even do OTC cold medicine.
      I know about the threat of a D&C…it’s been threatened before, sadly. Scared the hell out of me. It’s another reason I know I’m going to force myself to take the progesterone. I’m partly already worried about what happens if the P doesn’t work… urg.

  2. April

    February 4, 2015 at 5:48 pm

    I swear, men have all the easy parts until it comes to the prostrate exams. 🙂

    • meANXIETYme

      February 4, 2015 at 5:49 pm

      HA. I told the CRNP when I was in the stirrups that I couldn’t think of a comparison to give Hub to a gyno exam. She suggested the prostate exams are pretty close. I said those are less intensive than ours. At least, I assume as much. LOL


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