01 Feb

This is going to be somewhat scattered. Sorry.

I haven’t been keeping up with my blog schedule again. I’m going to try to get back into it this weekend. The update is, Momma is doing somewhat better. She still is anxious about what she is eating, which makes me a bit sad…but I hope it will turn around when she starts to get some energy back. I’m encouraging her to get out and about again, which I hope we’re going to do today. I know she’s still feeling tired, but we’ll take it slowly and she’ll be able to sit down if her energy gets low.

I got my hair cut yesterday. I don’t do that often. I feel kind of enh about it. I like my hair best when it is long, but I never DO anything with it. I end up putting it up into ponytails or in a bun because it’s easy. Even when I TRY To do stuff with it, the length and weight of it makes it difficult. But on the other hand, I don’t like it short(er). And every time I get it cut, no matter what I tell the stylist, it always comes out too short. But at least shorter, I can do a little bit more and I tend to wear it down for a couple of weeks. The thing that made me cut it? I was getting so annoyed sleeping because it was always in the way…I’d be laying on it or it would be in my face. I finally got so annoyed that I woke up and called a nearby salon. They were able to fit me in that afternoon, and I went. I’d been vacillating for weeks about this, because I don’t have a stylist that I go to regularly. And I hate getting my hair washed in a salon because I get vertigo when I put my head back in the sink. Anyway, the stylist was fine and didn’t make a big deal when I said I had just washed my hair and only needed it wetted for the cut. But like I said, I came away feeling like the cut was too short. Also, why do they always blow dry your hair straight without asking? Anyway, hair cut.

Then I spent half an hour in the yard picking up dog poop. The snow had finally melted in our yard to a point where I could see some grass…and also the temperature went up to around forty degrees. I wanted to get Butthead out to play with Cray-cray Lab, since they hadn’t played in a couple of weeks due to the polar vortex crap. So I let the dogs in the yard together and I picked up poop. Soooooo much poop. With the temperature being so cold and the snow being so, well, abundant, I hadn’t picked up poop in a couple of weeks. That meant there was plenty to be found. Fun times.

Here’s a picture, pretty much just because I feel like I’m falling down on the job.



This is what is snoring in the corner as I type. Looks comfy, no?

Snooze in close-up

Snooze in close-up

Good Butthead.

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