Kneed anything?

07 Dec

Yeah, I kneed help, ya’ll.

The past two weeks of physical therapy have not been helpful. I’ve been in increasing amounts of pain in my knees and unsure why. Monday was bad going into PT, to the point that I thought I might cry when she was working on one of my knees (not even the BAD one). When I left, I felt better for about two hours, but then as the day progressed, so did the pain.

Yesterday I was back at PT and told her that I was in pain and I wasn’t sure why. She felt my knees were still swollen, potentially from the housework I’d done over the weekend. All I know is that I’m in pain and walking is really really difficult. I had to pull out the cane today so that I had some extra support. I’ve only gone out once with the dogs, even though it’s 60 degrees out. I’ve had Butthead on her ecollar and let her out on her own multiple times while I sit at the window with the remote. Of course she didn’t try to dig once. *sigh*

I sat this morning with my knee up and on ice for about 30 minutes, then again this afternoon. In between I’ve trying to keep my knee elevated, but I’ve had to get up repeatedly to let the dogs out. Butthead gets antsy and I worry she has to go, so I get up to let her out. I’ve had to move from sitting on the couch to sitting on the recliner because getting up off the couch is nearly impossible. Getting up off the recliner–which is more supportive and has a higher seat–is slightly easier on my knees and back.

I’m disappointed and kind of apprehensive over the fact that my knee seems to be getting worse and not better with PT. I’m going to have to talk to E on Monday when I go back to see what she thinks. I know we’ve been concentrating on strengthening other muscles to help support my knee, but then why does my knee hurt so much these days? I mean, I feel like I can’t bend my knee or put full weight on it and that’s how I was feeling when I started PT for my knees in June. That just ain’t right.

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