Thankfulness and progress

28 Nov

Gobble, gobble, ya’ll.

It’s turkey day and I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are all spending it the way you had hoped with the people you want to be with. And I hope you will all take just a few minutes to remember the reasons why you can be thankful this year.

Right at the top of my list is the fact that I am thankful I will be able to spend Thanksgiving this year at my parents’ house with family. Last year at this time I was knee-deep in my “Prilosec fever” and thus unable to leave my bed. Unable to handle being with other people. Unable to eat anything other than the few amount of foods I thought would not send me into anaphylaxis. I am a turkey person, so I’m ever-so-thankful that we’ll be having yummy turkey…whatever else is on the table is just gravy, so-to-speak. 🙂 (I am pre-thankful for the opportunity to be with my in-laws this Christmas, as last Christmas eve day and evening I spent in the ER and Christmas day I was back at home in bed, not doing much better than the day before).

I’m so eternally thankful (and grateful) for my husband, who takes care of me every single day. He supports me and loves me, even with the anxiety and the cranky moods and the pain. I’m also incredibly thankful for my parents, who are always there to support me and love me.

I’m thankful for the family in my life–mine and Hub’s. I’m thankful for the friends who are in my life, and for those who are a part of my past but can’t be part of the present, for whatever the reason. I’m thankful for family and friends who have passed, and for the many years they were part of my life. I’m thankful for the people who tend to me physically, spiritually, and mentally. I’m thankful for God’s presence–and the gifts He gives me–in my life.

I’m thankful for the roof over my head, the food in my tummy, and the health insurance that helps us maintain our health. I’m thankful for Hub’s job, which provides for all those things and so much more. I’m thankful to be able to share with those around me, whether I know them personally or not. I’m thankful for the people who touch my life–in ways large and small–whether they know me personally or not.

I’m thankful for the dogs in my past, whom I loved very much. I’m thankful for the dogs in my life now, and thankful for the opportunity to care for them and love them…and be loved by them.

I’m thankful for the things I AM able to do.

I’m thankful for the progress I’ve made to date. I know I have more to do and always will, but I want to remember that I’ve moved forward.

I’m driving on my own, a lot, and even going grocery shopping and making other stops/errands on my own. I’m also taking the highway to get to my appointments rather than going all back roads, which is what I was originally doing when I started driving myself to PT and therapy. I’ve driven in snow showers, rain, storms, wind.

I’m no longer Googling things. No looking up symptoms, no looking up medications or food reactions. I don’t look it up for me and I don’t look it up for other people. I use Google in a responsible way.

I don’t automatically rush to do things for people without being asked. If someone needs my help with something, I will happily do it, but I don’t just go do things if people mention something. I wait for people to ask for my help or I stay out of it. (But I’m thankful to be able to do most of the things asked of me…some of which I have not been able to do in the past.)

I don’t sit and wallow or worry over pains. I acknowledge the pain, I sometimes consider the root of the pain, then I let it go. I don’t let my health anxiety prey on me for any length of time. Yes, sometimes I will need to remind myself that the pain has a root cause in order to alleviate the potential for excess worry, but that’s a step forward from just letting the worry overtake me.

I don’t stress over the dogs playing together. Not Cray-cray Lab and Butthead, not Butthead and Le Moo, not even when all three are tumbling around together in the cold as they have been the last week or so. They seem to know how to play with each other and they seem to know each others limits. If there’s blood drawn, we clean up and make sure there’s nothing major causing the bloodshed. So far, so good.

I don’t run outside to pick up dog poop right away, unless one of them poops in a strange area or an area where they like to play. Otherwise, I pick up when I’m outside with them for other reasons. I don’t study their poop to check for issues (BH had worms when we first got her, which was why I was running out to pick up poop all the time), though I do try to make note that things are “normal” when I pick up. It’s a good way to keep an eye on your dog’s health.

I don’t worry (as much) about how other people react to things that happen. Whether the “things” are something I’ve done or something that has happened randomly (or not so randomly), I’m not responsible for how others respond. I am only responsible for how *I* respond. There are times I still have to catch myself and remind myself that it’s not my business how someone else responds to things, but those times are fewer.

I put this post on draft because I had hoped to come up with more things I’ve overcome since the beginning of the year when things changed drastically for me. Unfortunately, I don’t have much more to say. Either way, I’m thankful for the positives and the progress. I’ll take the progress I’ve made and pat myself on the back for it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hug those around you, and remember what you have rather than what you don’t.

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