Injuries abound

07 Oct

I’m always rife with injuries of some sort. Some long-term, some acute and trouble-some. Unfortunately for me, oftentimes my injuries will linger on, as I am slow to heal in general. And when I’m dealing with some acute (whether it’s a new acute or a flare up of something long-term), Hub has to pick up the slack. Not that he doesn’t always do more than his share around the house for the most part, but when I’m out of commission, his duties pile up. And things fall by the wayside, which is fine, because we’re adults and we just deal when necessary.

Luckily for the both of us, Hub has been pretty healthy. He was diagnosed with diabetes a couple of years ago, along with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, but after adjustment periods for his medication, he soldiered on. But one thing my poor Hub has is weak ankles. I don’t know if it’s from a childhood issue or if it is hereditary, but there it is. Well, while helping a friend move a couple of weeks ago, Hub turned his ankle and sprained it. He tried to stay off it for a couple of days and it seemed to be okay. But about a week and half later, the sprain flared up. And like a man, he tried to ignore it. And he did some stuff he shouldn’t have, which led to further injury. Which led to giving up and going to the doctor. Which led to the doctor saying, “Stay off your foot, ice it once a day and keep it wrapped with a compression bandage to keep the swelling down. And prop your foot up as much as possible.”

So we’re two weeks in to this incredibly (un)helpful prescription by the doctor (who took xrays and said no break just sprain), with Hub following as best as possible. With basically no improvement. And over the two weeks, it’s been my turn to pick up the slack as best as possible. And I’m incredibly glad that I have been healthy enough physically to handle as much as I’ve been handling. But I see the end coming. My knees are acting up badly, and my back and hip are protesting a lot. Hub has stepped up the last couple of days in the late evening, relieving me of having to take the dogs out immediately before bedtime. He’s also been able to get up in the morning and do their breakfast feeding. But this morning was a really bad morning for me, including multiple nightmares within the span of 90 minutes, and a dreadful stomachache. And a bout of health anxiety that I could have done without thankyouverymuch.

Hub’s ankle doesn’t seem to be improving and with him taking advil all the time, his stomach has been screwed. He’s tried Alieve, but it doesn’t last as long so he ends up in pain more often. It sucks. And I’m worried that his ankle isn’t getting any better, because what the heck can they do for him??

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