What we do for Dogs

14 Sep

So what’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought for or because of your dog(s)?

Yeah, today we bought a new vehicle–a minivan–so we can cart the two dogs around. Our SUV had some issues, among which was the size. It’s a nice-size SUV, mid-size, and Le Moo fit fine in it. Ignoring that getting her up INTO the SUV was a bear because she is big and can’t climb up on her own. And letting her jump down to get out is worrying for me because if she steps off wrong she could break a leg, especially with her bulk. So we used doggy-stairs (which we technically bought for Sweet Pea as she got older), which take up room in the SUV. So now we’re talking about juggling a 95lb dog, a large set of collapsible doggy stairs, and whatever else is going with us. No fitting a second large dog in there. And also, Butthead is, well, a butthead, and she would spend the whole time bugging Le Moo in the small space. Plus, the a/c in the back of the SUV is sucky…when you fold down the seats to get the dog in, the seats don’t lay flat and they block the a/c vents. And hell if those a/c vents even reach past a foot or so and of course the dogs tend to lay in the far back of the SUV.

So ye-ah, we bought a new mini-van. Happiness is fitting two large dogs into a vehicle at once with plenty of space for them to move around, plus a low step-in, plus air conditioning through the whole vehicle for them during the summers. No more putting doggy stairs in and out of the vehicle, no more worrying about not having enough space for two large dogs (we can even fit two appropriate size crates for them in there for travel!), no more worrying about the seats not laying flat, no more worrying about getting big dogs in and out of the vehicle. PLUS! The doors open by remote, so I don’t have to pull a shoulder out (the good one or the bad one) yanking open one of the sliding doors.

Sadly, despite the fact that we now have a new car payment (we literally just paid off the SUV), this isn’t the most expensive thing we’ve bought for and/or because of the dog(s). When we adopted SP we were living in a townhouse that had no yard. Literally, NO YARD. The back of our townhouse was attached to another townhouse, and we had townhouses on either side. Our front was a stoop, a teeny tiny patio area that basically was there so you could access an outdoor shed, and then we had a hill down to a sidewalk. We had common area, but the closest to us was very small and had lots of tall pine trees. Not much area for a big dog to do much. So shortly after we adopted SP, we decided to sell the townhouse and buy a house with a yard and a fence. We wanted someplace big and safe for SP to run around. So we bought a house that had a huge yard and a fence for her. I gave up a large master bathroom (our master bathroom was SO SMALL…smaller than even the hall bath!) so she could have a big yard. There was a lot I didn’t love about the house, but the yard was unbelievable and the neighborhood was safe. So we bought a house. I hate to even hint at what we spent on that house. Really, I liked the house just fine, but it was the yard that did tip us over onto buying it. If it weren’t for adopting SP, we’d probably have lived in that townhouse for quite some time before considering moving. Literally, we adopted SP, and within two weeks decided we had to move for her needs.

A whole house. I know, I know! But don’t judge me. 🙂


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2 responses to “What we do for Dogs

  1. joeyfullystated

    September 14, 2013 at 8:59 pm

    I am just not that dedicated, lol — but it’s a wonderful thing 🙂

    • meANXIETYme

      September 14, 2013 at 10:38 pm

      Lol … Dedicated….nuts, whichever. 😉


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