And thus the return

24 Aug

Well, Hub has been back for several days now (since Wednesday). It was a long couple of nights (and days) without him, and caring for the Wayward Pup he brought home with him was difficult. Fortunately, we were able to keep her isolated from our dogs for the two days she was here without having to literally lock her away. We hadn’t planned on actually keeping her isolated, but we tried to introduce her to Le Moo and Butthead, but she freaked out and tried to attack Le Moo. There was lots of scrabbling and growling and snapping and biting… It was a little frightening, for several reasons. Number one, Le Moo is so freaking laid back sometimes you wonder if she’s still breathing. It was a little scary to see her in attack mode. Number two, Wayward Pup is 22lbs and Le Moo is 95lbs. Wayward Pup could have really gotten hurt, and it was only Hub and me right there so we had to scramble to pull the two dogs apart while they were biting and snapping and generally trying to eat each other. Butthead? She got scared and kept away from the whole ordeal. So we kept the dogs separated in the house and walked Wayward Pup on the leash away from the other two dogs. When Hub went to retrieve his parents from the train on Friday, he took Wayward Pup with him, so that was the end of that stress. I made it through the day alone on Thursday with the three dogs, including leaving them in the house and getting myself out to physical therapy, and I was able to walk WP while the other two were in the house several times.

Meanwhile, Hub got completely and utterly screwed by the car rental place he used to drive home. I’m really pissed because we ended up paying almost three times what they said the charge would be. And there was no one at the lot to explain when Hub turned in the car. Now, I’ve asked him to call the rental agency every day, multiple times a day, since he got back…but he has not done it. I want an explanation for why they think they can charge us THREE TIMES the fee, but he hasn’t done it. Hmph. Between the exorbitant rental and the gas, the drive home was waaaay more expensive than the flight down for him and his brother. Arg. And it’s not like the flight was cheap…

So his parents are home and really banged up. We have offered to go over and help them, but so far they’ve had other family and friends stopping by to see them. Many are bringing food, so at least they will have enough to eat for the time being. Their physical needs are hopefully being taken care of, I just worry about their emotional and mental well-being. They’ve been severely traumatized, not only by the accident and the loss of their dog, but also by what could have been. And I think, a little bit by their own mortality. Hub’s parents are younger than mine by at least 10+ years, and I think they haven’t really felt their mortality the way mine have…just merely because of their stage of life. But I think this incident has changed that, and I worry that they aren’t going to seek the help they might need. Although I love them and they love me, we don’t have the kind of relationship where I could go to them and suggest quietly that they remember to seek mental and emotional assistance if they need it. It makes me sad and concerned about them.

On the up side, Hub is home! And I made it through with much less anxiety than I thought I would. I slept almost four hours the second night he was gone, which was double the first night. Now you might not think four hours is much (and it really really isn’t), but it’s more than I had expected, considering I didn’t expect to sleep at all either night. I had some worries here and there, and I felt somewhat overwhelmed at some points, but I didn’t let it overtake me and I used the tools I had at hand to stay in the moment and remember that I was completely able to handle things. Even if I had to remind myself repeatedly, I was able to and I did handle everything that needed to be handled. I am very proud of myself.

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