One more night

21 Aug

I made it through another day. Another evening of just me and the dogs. I did get to talk to my mom on the phone (and then in person for about 10 minutes), so at least I saw some other human beings today. Meanwhile, another night taking the dogs out in the dark. More dog barking for no reason. Now they are abed and so am I. But to sleep, perchance to dream? Not likely.

Last night I slept for about 2 hours. It was 2:20 in the morning and I kept yawning and my eyes were so heavy. So I got up and closed the bedroom door and locked it. Telephone on one side of me, mag light at the tip of my fingers. Then I left my laptop on and turned the television off, so the room glowed by the light of the laptop screen. I turned my clock radio on for the two hour sleep cycle and closed my eyes. After much tossing and turning–which is normal for me–I must have drifted off. The next thing I remember was hearing Le Moo crying. the clock said 4:44. Apparently there was a storm overhead and Le Moo was on the other side of the locked bedroom door. So I crawled out of bed and let her into the bedroom with me, then locked us in again. I sat up with her for a bit, but the storm was small. She curled up in our walk-in closet and cried some more, but not for long. I didn’t sleep for the next two hours…I stared at the clock and listened to the stupid radio morning show until I had to get up the feed the beasts and let them out. Then I went back to bed to rest but didn’t sleep.

I got myself out to PT, which is a good thing. I talked to Hub on and off. He’s on his way home, but the drive is a long one and they are taking it in two legs, which means he’s staying over in a hotel. More $$$ out the window (we paid for both his ticket and his brother’s ticket on the plane, their hotel room in Florida, the rental car, all the gas, and now the hotel overnight and even more gas tomorrow). It’s crazy, but not one person in his family, including his mother and step-father, offered to pay for anything or reimburse anything. Would we have taken it? Maybe, but maybe not. The least they could have done was offer, though. We’re talking about big money for last minute tickets to Florida…and gas and rental car costs are expensive. *sigh* Anyway, they should be home sometime tomorrow afternoon. I miss him. We’ve been together for twenty-one years (married for almost 14)…he’s everything to me. We’re rarely apart for any length of time (except when he’s working, of course!).

So tonight, I am assuming will be much like last night, hopefully without the thunderstorms. Tomorrow is going to be exhausting, not only because I haven’t slept, but because Hub will be home with Grumpy-the-dog and we’ll have to deal with that issue. His parents probably won’t be home before Friday or Saturday, which means I’ll get to deal with Grumpy (Grumpette?) both Thursday and Friday. Woo. Hoo. This week just won’t end, will it?

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