Physically therapeutic

06 Aug

Well, this week I went back to physical therapy. Back to the same facility, back to the same physical therapist, back to the same routine of two days a week. The first day I went back, the appointment was later in the day than I used to do, and I had to figure out how to schedule my day around the dogs’ schedules, my schedule, and therapy. The second day I went this week, Hub was working from home (to deal with the air conditioning guy who came to see our stupid bathroom ceilings), so he was able to handle the dogs and their schedule while I took care of my PT.

At the very least, it seems like we are concentrating on my shoulder differently this time, with different focus, different exercises, and different trigger spots. So it makes me feel less like the first round was a failure and more like we are changing tactics to better target the current pain. And truth be told, when she went looking for trigger spots both days, they were not showing up in the spots where I had them quite badly the first time around. I was surprised, actually, because those trigger points (at the front of my shoulders between my arm pits and the top of my chest) have generally been major problems for me. Don’t get me wrong, next week those trigger points might be back or not, but they weren’t there this week. All very interesting information.

Not sure if I’ve said this before here, but I really like my physical therapist (let’s call her E). Not only is E really good at what she does–and she is–but she’s also a really incredibly nice, patient, compassionate person. She’s easy to like and easy to talk to, and easy to work with. I’m so grateful to have found her, I can’t even explain. When I got back to the office for the first time this round, I saw a flyer on the table in the waiting room for a new service there (for about a month, apparently)…a massage therapist. I had already talked to E the first time around about seeing a massage therapist after finishing PT, and she had recommended someone she liked whom she had used in the past (I didn’t get a chance to go try her). So when I saw the flyer this time around, I asked E if she knew the massage therapist or had heard anything. E said none of her clients had used the massage therapist, and she hesitated to make any recommendation without having used the woman’s services.

On the way out of the office, I stopped to talk to the front desk manager to ask if I could buy E an hour with the massage therapist. Not only because I wanted her to try the service, but because I wanted E to have the opportunity to relax and enjoy. She’s such a nice person and I know she works really hard at what she does…and all of her clients are lucky to have her! So the front desk manager helped me get the gift certificate together, and at my second appointment of the week, I gave E the gift certificate. She was so excited she actually jumped up and down and clapped her hands. I told her to make sure she FINDS THE TIME to use the certificate and she promised me she would. I hope so! And hopefully the woman is good, so maybe I can work her into my rotation, too!

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