California Dreamin’

07 Jul

Okay, so I’m nowhere near California, but the dream thing is relevant.

I’ve talked before about the snake dreams I have all the time. The other dream I have repeatedly is of being unable to find the path where I need to go. Usually it’s in a car and I’m driving and I pick a direction and it turns out to be wrong. Like, the road goes in the complete opposite direction even though I think I’m going in the right direction, and said road has no exit for miles and hours and getting back to where I started is a long trip. Sometimes there are toll booths involved and I have no money. Sometimes the roads are familiar and sometimes not. Sometimes it’s the same road and “wrong” path that I’ve seen in previous dreams. Sometimes it’s at a mall parking lot and I find my car, but can’t find my way out of the lot.

Had one of those last night/this morning. Driving a car and I couldn’t decide which exit to take so I panicked and took the one I thought was correct but it turned out to be wrong, of course. And there was no exit to turn around, no place to turn around, just an endless stretch of the wrong direction.

It makes me feel like no matter what I’ve done or what I’m doing, I’m still going in the wrong direction. I’ve had these dreams for probably close to 10 years, though I don’t recall having it in this current house so that’s been about 2 years. So why now? What am I suddenly doing wrong that I’m taking the wrong path?

Does anyone else pay this close of attention to their dreams? Looking for meaning where there might not be any? Or is it just me?

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