A dog’s eye view

21 Jun

I have not blogged in almost two weeks. I know you don’t know that because there hasn’t been a blip in my scheduled blogs. Actually, as I was writing that, I realized I posted two quick things, but they were mostly links and not really blogs, so they don’t count.

So here’s the thing about the thing. We picked up New Dog almost two weeks ago. (Hence the lack of posting…) And since then, we (read ME) have been cleaning up pee and poop in the house, as well as fairly constantly picking up poo from the yard. Additionally, I have spent the majority of my time out of my regular office space (which is upstairs) and in the main living area of our house. Why? Because first two full days we had Butthead (previously known as New Dog) she peed in our bedroom, then peed and pooped in the spare room next door, then peed in Hub’s media room. (As if to prove her lack of trustworthiness, she went to squat and pee in the media room again tonight, right in front of Hub and his friend…but we think he caught her before she actually did anything. *sigh*) We’ve since started crate training her and keeping her on the main level of the house where most of the areas are tile. We’ve also closed off the majority of rooms that are carpeted (poor Le Moo, she loves sleeping in those rooms during the day) until we can better trust Butthead to keep her bodily functions OUTSIDE. We’ve also begun interviewing trainers because Butthead has a distinct lack of manners (training) and that needs to be rectified. We’ve “basic” trained other dogs to do what we required of them, but Butthead is following Le Moo around, cutting her off at the pass and shoulder-bumping her out of the way for almost everything. She is also getting in Le Moo’s face a lot, and we need to be able to better curb that with better  manners and less UH UH corrections. It’s no fun–for us or her–to spend our days going UH UH over and over again. Also, did I forget to mention that Butthead enjoys rolling in things outside? *sigh*

She’s a good dog, basically, but needs to learn her manners a bit more. I am happy to report that she was successfully introduced to Cray-cray Lab middle of last week, and they have played three or four times. Cray-cray seemed thrilled initially, but now seems a bit reserved. I think she realized that BH is not going to be a pushover like Le Moo, and gives her a run for her money in the chasing and biting department (in play of course). Also, BH seems to want to play every single time she sees Cray-cray Lab. Which I find highly amusing because that’s the way Cray-Cray Lab is with Le Moo, but now that BH is doing it to her, she doesn’t find it so much fun. HAW HAW HAW

I am eternally exhausted at this point. The first couple of days of the first week I was alone with BH and Le Moo, I was getting up when Hub was leaving for work, which is pretty early for me. Even when I was not sleeping after he left in the morning, I could at least languish in bed and doze on and off. But with BH on the loose, I had to be awake and aware of where she was from the moment Hub left the house until the moment he got home to relieve me from my watch. When we started crate training BH, Hub was able to feed the dogs and let them out, then put BH back in the crate for another couple of hours so I could try to sleep a bit. However, I’m still exhausted because being on constant alert for housebreaking incidents is fucking tiring ya’ll. And being on constant watch for BH to be bugging Le Moo is enough to make me want to cry by 2pm.

So the fear part? BH is extremely thin from her life on the street. So far, she has not seemed to gain any weight. She had been checked over by our vet the day after she arrived and was pronounced in good health. Vet said “she could use 4 or 5 pounds” to which Hub and I scoffed. She needs at least 10-12 pounds, but Vet is overly weight-conscious (which I understand to a point, esp with big dogs who have joint issues to start with) for his clients. So along with the fact that BH is not gaining weight as quickly as I would like (and I feel like she is LOSING weight, but am not sure if that is fear/paranoia or what), it seems like she’s losing hair in one area of her side. We thought at first it was amusing how these tufts of hair were popping off her body. We’re dog people, we’ve seen this kind of fur before with the popping tufts (Le Moo has more long “hair” than “fur”), so we weren’t surprised. Then yesterday I realized that the area where the tufts were coming from seemed to have gotten alarmingly thin. So now I’m freaked out about that. Hub didn’t see it last night since he worked late, but I am definitely going to show it to him tonight. He might agree with me, he might not, we’ll see.

And now the guilt and grief part. For the first four days that BH was with us, I continuously called Le Moo by SP’s name. I think it was the stress of having BH and being overwhelmed by all of it, plus the fact that Le Moo is none too thrilled to have this intruder in her home. She’s been rather withdrawn and has had a distinct lack of enthusiasm for pretty much anything and everything. She’s barely staying in the same room with BH (where initially she refused to do so at all), and has shown her preference to be outside only when BH is not out there, if you please thank you very much. But anyway, I called Le Moo SP multiple times, and then had to actually stop and think of using the right name almost every time. It was terribly painful for me because I felt the loss of SP all over again, multiple times a day, and I felt disloyal to Le Moo. In fact, I feel disloyal to Le Moo a lot with BH in the house.

I’m so tired.

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